A newborn group... thePAG (#pubarch)

The Public Archaeology Group is a workgroup that aims to gather professionals interested in Public Archaeology worldwide to facilitate the development of Public Archaeology. This idea was born during a debate on Twitter sparked by a SAA session on archaeological pedagogy. Realizing the breadth of definitions of terms used in our discipline everyday (ex. public archaeology, heritage, etc.), the variety of issues faced by public archaeology across the globe, and the commonalities in the methods by which these issues can be addressed, several professionals became concern about the need of a common definition and framework for Public Archaeology. By creating a network of professionals involved with Public Archaeology that crosscuts the silos of individual archaeological organizations (ex. SAA, SHA, EAA, etc), the PAG can facilitate the definition of this umbrella called 'public archaeology' under which we all work, and the exchange of example of the best practice from our experiences. The PAG is not (yet) an association. It is a free, open forum that wants to start debating our role in archaeology from a common perspective that clarifies what we understand as public archaeology. This debate will take place on social media through the PAG Facebook group, JISC mail list and blog, and shared through the PAG Twitter stream. Meanwhile, CentralPAG will sponsor informal meetings in national and international conferences to discuss the setting of the group, promoting local/national groups as well as other activities. Among them, one of the goals of the group is establishing a formal congress/meeting in the short term to present the conclusions of these next months of debates and clarify the mission of the PAG so that it provides the most effective contribution to the discipline of Public Archaeology.
If you are willing to participate, please start completing our questionnaire.
If you are willing to actively take part of this group's growth, please contact us.
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